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Fantazius Mallare & The Dark Eidolon: A Book Of The Dead: American Decadent Classics

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A novel of satanic decadence in the tradition of J-K Huysmans, FANTAZIUS MALLARE is the tale of a deranged recluse who declares war on reality. In his world of hallucination and twisted eroticism, Mallare needs a woman to worship him as a god; aided by Goliath, his deformed dwarf servant he entices a submissive gypsy girl whom he strives to enthrall in chains of horror and ecstasy. THE DARK EIDOLON is a classic hermetic fiction by Clark Ashton Smith, a master of decadence and literary horror whose death-tainted work has yet to be properly evaluated. Together, FANTAZIUS MALLARE and THE DARK EIDOLON form a uniquely deranged book of the dead, a rare but classic grimoire of macabre American decadence.

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