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My Little husband

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The diminutive Leon is the envy of all Paris when he becomes engaged to the successful stomatologist and ravishing 6ft beauty Solange, who leaves no man unstirred - including the priest who weds them. The dutiful husband happily ignores jealous remarks about the union of 'giraffe and zebra' as he sires one beautiful baby after another. But as his domestic bliss with Solange continues and their brood grows, Leon's body begins to shrink - with the exception of one vital organ - until the medical marvel is scarcely taller than a thimble. Can Solange's love for her 'Little bighorn' survive his diminished status, the onslaught of suitors at her door and his nocturnal abseiling down her body? Will Leon escape the paws of the family cat and the murderous thoughts of his children embarrassed by their father's size? A meditation on feminism, masculinity, marriage, parenting - and size. 'The bizzare details of Leon's miniaturised life are comically rendered, but a darker sensibility is at play. Never a fan of political correctness, Bruckner in this jeu d'esprit develops a less than whimsical meditation on masculinity, marriage and parenting. ' Emma Hagerstadt in The Independent 'another excellent book by Pascal Bruckner, My Little Husband'

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