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Sparrow(and other stories)

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This volume contains the long novella Sparrow and five stories never previously translated into English: Temptation, The Schoolmaster, The Devil's Hand, The Gold Key and Comrades. A great read for anyone interested in Sicily and Southern Italy. Verga is the master of the short-story form. 'Giovanni Verga is one of the 19th Century's greatest writers but his work is barely known outside of Italy. This collection of novellas and short stories showcase his unique talent and places him alongside Chekov as a wonderful exponent of the genre. His stories are dazzling in their simplicity but rich in atmosphere and he creates a world peopled by peasants, nuns and fishermen - all evocatively detailed. The novella 'Sparrow' is a perfect example of Verga's talent. Told through the letters of of a Sicilian Nun it is a heartbreaking work and perfectly highlights Verga's skill at describing ordinary people leaving extraordinary lives.' Buzz Magazine

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