Lost Souls: Personal Thoughts on Life, Love, & Success

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Lost Souls: Personal Thoughts on Life, Love, & Success

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This book was built on the foundation of giving life-changing concepts through intellectual thoughts, perspectives, quotes, and poetry. This book was not designed to follow any specific order but instead act as a guide to give positive insight to my dedicated supporters whom I call Lost Souls. Lost Souls is the clique that I've created over the years. The underpinning of this faction is that we all have one thing in common, BIG DREAMS. We are the souls that are unafraid to follow that vision our dream provides. We know that the road is hard, and the challenges we face can be discouraging, but we understand that with each step rather good or bad, draws us nearer to our purpose. Our purpose isn't what we do, but it’s who we are. It’s the reason we wake up each morning and continue to fight for a dream that we cannot see. We rely on faith and confidence to propel our minds to new heights and diminish the stereotype that society controls who we are supposed to be. We are all great in our rights. We all have the power to dream and think freely. We are all blessed with specific gifts to share with this world. So many forfeit their right to individuality when they accept societal standards over what’s in their hearts. This book is my thoughts on how to honestly be an individual; how to live life for you and be immersed in real freedom. In this book, you will see essential collaborations that I have personally written myself over the years of my career as a writer from all of my social media networking sites and blogs which includes Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

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