The Girl Who Loved Animals - A Short Story

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The Girl Who Loved Animals - A Short Story

Length: 51 pages40 minutes


Lissy loves animals. The man she met in the park told her that she could do something to help save animals that are extinct—animals no-one will ever see again. The baby she’s carrying will only be hers for a little while, but the man said she can visit it whenever she wants.

When her husband found out he tried to kill her, and now nobody wants her to have her baby. Lissy’s only hope is Jo, a kind social worker who understands what this baby means to Lissy and to the world.

“The Girl Who Loved Animals” is a novelette of approximately 7,500 words. It originally appeared in OMNI Magazine, and was reprinted in The Girl Who Loved Animals and Other Stories, published by Golden Gryphon Press.

“Bruce McAllister is one of the least known and greatest talents working in the science fiction field today.”

Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories

“Among top short story talents in the field, McAllister is a leader. Polished, moving, thought-provoking — this collection is without parallel.”

— Harry Harrison, Science Fiction Grand Master

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— Gregory Benford

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