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Feng Shui for the Home 2015: Tips for Wealth, Calm & Energy

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Do you want to attract more luck, success, love and/or happiness into your life for the future? Feng Shui is a concept that many people look to incorporate into their lives but requires proper use of colors, items and placement inside a home or office. Inside this helpful guide by Jeanne Clarkson, readers will learn about these concepts in an easy-to-digest and absorb format. The book, published by, presents various concepts for easier understanding and brings the reader tips to use in rooms throughout the house, as well as in an office or workplace.

Among the concepts you’ll learn inside:

- The use of placement of items in your home
- The concepts of the Bagua map and the color wheel to help with Feng Shui in your home
- The five elements of Feng Shui & how to use them properly in your home
- Tips for Feng Shui in specific rooms of your home
- Tips for Feng Shui with pets in the home
- Helpful landscaping or garden tips for Feng Shui
- What you can use in your home or office to attract wealth, success and more!

Jeanne Clarkson’s latest inexpensive guide presents these opinions from someone familiar with interior design concepts due to her work in the industry. Readers who download this guide will receive an inexpensive yet helpful resource to begin attracting more calm energy, positivity and success into their lives, through the use of Feng Shui!

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