Financial Independence for Housewives

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Financial Independence for Housewives

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Marriage is a union between two responsible individuals and the responsibility is in all aspect: financial, emotional, etc. The seemingly most important is the financial responsibility. It is ALWAYS more comfortable if the 2 parties have a source of income, as leaving it for one party brings lots of pressure into the marriage.
In our society, it tends to be that most women rely more on their husbands for financial support....well that's almost a thing of the past now as most men are not comfortable with such arrangements, and yes they are right!
Kids and running a home are financially tasking so as the husband is trying to make ends meet, the wife also needs an income; even if it doesn't match the husband's.
Imagine a wife demanding EVERY single money she needs from her husband: If she needs to change her lingerie or get a new dress for a friend's party or buy snacks for the kids, etc. It's so uncomfortable for the woman, because some men will demand a detailed explanation for every cent they want to give you and we wives don't need that always.
Therefore, wives must seek for ways of making their own income, while fully taking care of their homes ensuring none lacks on any level. This is where the book "Financial Independence for Housewives" comes in. It contains detailed step by step ways of making extra income without stress and loosing the responsibility of taking care of the home front. It is not just for women, but for anyone seeking extra cash.
Lift the excessive burden off from your husband and don't make him dread marriage because of too many financial responsibilities. Make your own money and surprise him once in a while: Pay the children's term fees without telling him and while he's still cracking his brain how to do it, you show him the paid fees receipt! (That man would love you over again!)
Buy him spontaneous gifts or when he takes you guys out, offer to pick the bill!
Men love intelligent hardworking women more than 'liabilities'. So make yourself and asset he can't afford to loose!
Note that buying this book automatically makes me your coach. So I'll hold your hand all through, helping you to set the exact system that will work for you till your own income starts flowing.
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