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Feral Beauty

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Bullied and blackballed, eighteen-year-old Stephanie Zeller lives a lonesome life of misery in the hopeless world of Houston, Texas. She daydreams of boyfriends, popularity, and love without a clue how to get them. For who could love a girl so ugly, nerdy, and boring?

If only Stephanie were beautiful, everything would be different. Boys would desire her, girls would fight for her friendship, and she’d have a life worth living. But that’s only a dream, so far out of reach she can barely imagine it...

On a Friday night in a fit of loneliness, Stephanie searches for someone who can see her inner beauty, and in a dimly lit club she meets a mysterious man named Adrian who invites her to a party that could change her life...

Stephanie’s greatest desire is waiting to take hold of her, transform her, and make her dreams a reality... but it will come at a cost so great she may never recover.

Part Carrie and part The Hellbound Heart, Feral Beauty is a coming-of-age horror tale that Stephen King and Clive Barker fans can’t afford to miss—particularly if you’re one who keeps a light on when darkness falls.

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