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Living Much More through Buying Much Less

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How much stuff do you own?
Exactly why do you own all that stuff?
Who convinced you that you needed all that stuff?
Do you own things you know you should get rid of?
Have you ever bought something and then regretted it?
Do any of your possessions end up wasting your time?
Do you know who you would be without any of your possessions?
How much money have you wasted in your life buying stuff you shouldn't have?

Our society is obsessed with material possessions, yet weak in relation to worthy ideals. Beyond the world of material possessions is a world of the mind, of spirit, and of boundless possibilities. It is a world of higher values, far more interesting as well as far more dignified than the crude realm of consumerism.

Perhaps you already live in that higher world, but perhaps not.

In any case, you are invited to an interesting party, a party going on right now, inside this book.

Join the party, if you dare!

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