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Merchant Master (Lost Colony, #1)

377 pages5 hours


They hold dangerous secrets… only trust holds the key.

The healer. Cheyna’s empathic, healing talent makes her the perfect person to return to her birth world and recover an ancient artifact for her adoptive people. It was meant to be a simple mission, only everything goes wrong when a dangerously imposing, battle-scarred warrior kidnaps her.

The merchant master. Bastard-born Drakthe Fachion has an opportunity to found his own house and erase the stigma of his birth. All he has to do is reopen the Agora trade route. Unfortunately, he must enter a trade marriage with a healer to gain access. If that means kidnapping a complicated, stubborn woman and forcing her into an agreement, so be it.

The Agora Stronghold. A strange place where nothing is as it seems. As they make the treacherous journey, wariness is no match for the passion that slips past their defenses. But an unseen presence stalks them. Drakthe and Cheyna have no idea a psychic trap has been laid or that a deadly, generations-old secret that threatens two worlds is about to be unleashed.

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