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The Dark Song (A Fenwick Short Story)

57 pages46 minutes


A house with a secret...

India is a singer-songwriter in trouble.

She lost her inspiration and, apparently, her mind. After quitting her job writing songs for others in the pop-factory and leaving her tiny apartment in the bustling city, she spent her life savings on an old house in a remote village by the seaside.

As she moves into her huge run down victorian, the old Bakery House, with its dusty charm and wild roses, she doesn’t have to search for inspiration any longer. Like magic, it finds her.

But she is warned off by superstitious townsfolk who treat her like a dead woman walking. Rumour has it no one survives the Bakery House. The dark fairies, creatures of strange magic who have claimed the house, will not take mortal trespass lightly.

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