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Taken by the Rookie

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Brandon Frost is an LAPD officer easily on his way to an early promotion. But, despite his excellent police work, he’s never been able to keep the same partner. He’s a good cop, but cold and hard for others to be around. 

His new partner, a young rookie named Scott Riley, is good looking and energetic -- the epitome of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He seems to be a good match but strangely, the younger cop doesn’t hesitate to keep confessing his feelings for Frost. 

Frost doesn’t understand why Riley can’t just let it go. The rookie clearly doesn’t understand himself and what’s he’s saying. 

When Frost suddenly finds out that Riley has asked for a transfer, his confused emotions take him to Riley’s apartment for a direct confrontation. 

With Frost just steps away from Riley’s bed, Riley isn’t about to miss this opportunity. 

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