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Intimate Space: A Feminist Utopian Romp Through the Galaxy

330 pages2 hours


Dismayed by a major blow to her fledgling career, journalist Alison James is given a second chance with an offer from the monolithic WorldGov, the sovereign power on Earth. The catch is that she will have to travel to a raw new planet in a far-away solar system.

Yearning to explore the universe, Alison ignores her misgivings and dives into preparations for a one-way trip across light years. The wrenching decision to abandon everything is fueled by a chance for adventure and the desire to make something out of her life.

As her trip begins, Alison encounters the voluptuous and engaging Rosalia Czartoryska. Thrown together as communication specialists, they have plenty of time to explore the attraction between them during the six month journey to Tau Ceti.

Will the rewards gained be worth what was forfeited back on Earth? Follow along as Alison encounters love, danger and a new life in this tumultuous odyssey among the stars.

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