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I, Gossip

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I, Gossip takes place in a small town church. Living their faith aimlessly, a vile threat catches the members off guard. Disrespectful toward their minister and each other, they soon learn, if they don’t pull together, the threat will destroy, not only their church but Christianity as a whole. Jumping into action, several members form a team to warn other churches of the threat, but lust invades the group causing turmoil and tragedy among the team members. Add to that an overwhelming government scheme, explosions in churches and murderess plots, I, Gossip tells a story that, in these days of terrorism, could easily play out. Meet James Gossip and his team of determined crusaders: Long-time friend, Toni; motor mouth Katie and her mean mom; toupee-wearing Simon and his wife Amy, but most special of all, Caroline, who, much to Toni’s chagrin, James can’t take his eyes off.

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