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How to Succeed in Anesthesia School (And RN, PA, or Med School)

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Nick Angelis is a contributor to "ADVANCE for Nurses" and "New Physician". He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with over a decade of ridiculously awesome and occasionally blood-curdling experiences in the health care field. Actually, it's fairly difficult to curdle blood and rarely recommended, even if you buy this practical guide. Does this book stay on topic more than this description does? No, but you won't fall asleep and drool on the pages like you have on all of your textbooks. Moreover, Mr. Angelis' book will only cost you the equivalent of several Ramen boxes (although it's still not as cheap as his book, "Choosing A Healthcare Career"). Besides the title, other topics in this extended, unique to Smashwords edition include selecting a healthcare specialty, interviewing well, clinical tips specific to anesthesia, and how to react to accolades and failure.

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