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Numbers through the Ages: The logic of the numbers

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This little and unique book in its Design, Idea and technique deals with the probable possibility of the origin of the Roman and Arabic numbers.
Where do our numbers come from, and how were they developed and who developed or invented them?
Questions to which there were no answers.
Even educationalists, who try every day to teach their pupils mathematics, may did and do not know any answers to these quite simple questions.
Every one of us uses the numbers every day, without thinking how they are actually developed.
The many color graphics in this book are further enrichment so that it can clearly be recognized which number is exactly meant.
Another part deals with the use of the numbers and without these we surely would not have attained this technological standard which we have today, and also naturally with
"clever brains“, who we have to thank for this knowledge.
In the Chapter no. 3, there are author's own thoughts for the improvement or one also could say the revolt of the number system.
Altogether one can say this is a very interesting work, which shall give the Readers much fun.

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