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Your Baby’s Facial Appearance, Intellect & Health: Birth to Age Two

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Reading this book you will gain knowledge, techniques, time frames of when to use certain baby oral products to ensure good alignment of the baby teeth and upper and lower jaw bones. Oral products such has nipples on baby bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups will be discussed. You will learn about thumb sucking, ear aches, and preventing tongue thrust (which causes misaligned teeth and facial bones). This book contains pictures, illustrations and simple steps to guide you during the first couple of years of your newborns life. Having this knowledge you will be setting your baby up for good sleep patterns and establishing good facial structure and oral habits. It is intended for any parent, care giver, baby sitter or grand parent who cares for your baby. It was written to serve as a guiding tool in making decisions toward the health and facial appearance of a baby—newborn to age two.

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