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Wash on Monday: Eight stories of the People Behind the Antiques

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Dusty Fiestaware and Depression dishes, musty books, mildly stained linens, old post cards and pictures ... antique and collectible stores are littered with these relics from the past.

Have you ever wondered about the people behind these ancient belongings? Have you ever thought about the forgotten stories that these items could tell if they could speak?

In Wash on Monday, the first ebook in the Forgotten Stories Series, eight tales tell of the people behind eight different antiques. Four of the stories are based on known facts of the pieces, although embellished with large doses of imagination. Four are purely fictional.

A primitive, handcrafted spinning wheel, indigo rag balls, a hand stitched tablecloth, marbles, etched purple candy dishes, a vintage Patsy doll, white enamelware plates and a hand pieced and stitched quilt; their forgotten stories are all here in Wash on Monday.

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