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Anything for You: A Novel

356 pages4 hours


Gypsy Elliott has found a hiding place from a man stalking her and her family, seeking revenge for a crime she can’t remember committing. Her haven is a Michigan logging camp where she is the kingbee (chief) cook. When she is asked to put a logger with a broken leg to work in her kitchen, she wants to say no. She realizes Patrick Lassiter isn’t like other loggers, but she is not sure why he is there. Patrick tells no one that he’s a private investigator hired by the owner of the logging company. He faked an injury to stay in camp and enjoys its excitement until he discovers the man he seeks may be after Gypsy. Complicating an investigation by falling in love is stupid, but he can’t resist pretty Gypsy. Then he discovers the reason why getting involved is wrong: He has to choose between doing his job and saving Gypsy’s life from someone who will do anything for love.

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