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An Offer of Marriage: A Novel

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The Viking threat is a shadow over England. Cyndra, the daughter of an ealdorman (a lord), understands when her father accepts an offer of marriage for her from Morcar, whose lands are far inland away from where the Norse warriors raid. When her heart draws her to Brenwyn, the Morcar’s army, she resists, wanting to honor her betrothal vows even though Morcar is abusive. When the Vikings attack, Morcar flees, leaving her and his people behind. She fears for Brenwyn, who may be dead in the battle; then she is astonished to learn that the man she loves is a Viking spy. Born in the eastern part of England known as the Danelaw, he yearns to avenge the deaths of his family by the English. Yet, to Cyndra, he is a gentle warrior whose only battle is to win her heart. Facing the destruction of everything she knows, she must choose between her country and her heart, which longs to belong to its most dangerous enemy.

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