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Written by John Leonetti—attorney, wealth manager, merger and acquisition associate, and fellow exiting business owner in his own right—Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth will guide you in thoughtfully planning out your exit options as well as helping you analyze your financial and mental readiness for your business exit. Easy to follow and essential for every business owner, this guide reveals how to establish an exit strategy plan that is in harmony with your goals.Preface. Introduction.PART ONE: PREPARING FOR YOUR EXIT.Chapter 1: Exiting Your Business Is A Process, Not An Event: Don't Limit Your Exit Strategy Planning With What You Don't Know. Business Owner Marketplace. Notes.Chapter 2: Setting Your Exit Goals. Write It Down. Adjustments to Your Business. Is There a Financial Gap that You Need to Address? Do you Live Out of Your Business? Being Liquid: Income Replacement After the Exit. Measuring the Gap. Growing Your Business with Your Exit in Mind. Special Note on Family Transfers. Employee Transfers. In Closing. Review.Chapter 3: Are You Ready to Leave: The Mental Game of Business Exits. You Are Your Business. The Conditioned Mind. It's You Against You. Are You Addicted to Your Business? Clear Thinking. Plotting the Point. Case Study: Bill Brown's Failed Exit–Lessons Applied and Learned. Analysis and Insights. Written Exit Strategy Plan. Review.Chapter 4: Which Type of Exiting Owner Are You? Identify Your Readiness, Learn Your Exit Options. Understanding Valuation. Four Types of Exiting Owners: Which Quadrant Are You In? Our Owner Bill. Overall Review. Exit Options Available. Business Valuation and the Range of Values Concept. Internal Transfers: Fair Market Value Standard of Valuation. External Transfers: Value of Transferring to Financial Buyers and Competitors. Rreview. Notes.PART TWO: KNOWING YOUR OPTIONS.Chapter 5: Selling the Business. Selling is Not the Only Exit Option, But It may Be For You. Process of Selling a Business. Marketing the Business. The Economy Matters. How to Achieve Maximum Value from the Sale of Your Business. Valuation. Getting the Highest Price. Improving Jim's Offer. Lessons Learned: What Did Bill Do Right This Time? Further Notes on External Transactions to Industry Buyers. Restating Earnings to Reflect the True Profitability of the Company. Taxes and Fees. Review. Notes.Chapter 6: Private Equity Group Recapitalizations. Explosion of Private Equity. Capital Flow Towards Opportunity. What Is a Recapitalization? Value Measurement. Liberator or Occupier of Your Business? Market Realities and Your Exit Strategy Planning. Which Companies Qualify for a Recap? Review. Notes.Chapter 7: Employee Stock Ownership Plans as Exit Vehicles. Using an ESOP in Your Planning. ESOP Basics. Application of ESOP to Bill’s Exit Strategy Planning. Customized Exit Strategy Using an ESOP. Fair Market Value Standard. Why ESOP Planning Works Despite the Lower Initial Value and Discounts. Review. Notes.Chapter 8: Sale versus Recapitalization versus ESOP. Bill's Three Choices. Issues Surrounding Management Buyouts and Gifting Programs. Valuation of Internal Transfers. Notes.Chapter 9: Management Buyouts. Management Buyouts. Common Denominators. Caveat About Management Buyouts. Little Cash at Closing. Deferred Payments. Valuation Metrics. Investment Decision. Accelerating Your Grooming Process. Ultimate Impasse. Entrepreneurs' Triangle. Leap: Empowering Your Management Team. Management Buyouts and Financial Backers. Business as Collateral. Seller Financing. Exit Over Time: Low Mental Readiness. Tools to Assist with a Management Buyouts. Application of a Management Buyout to Bill's Situation. Review. Notes.Chapter 10: Gifting Strategies for Exiting Owners. Execute Your Estate Tax Plan, Not the Governments'. High Financial Readiness.
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