Make it Legal; What Every Canadian Entrepreneur Needs to Know About the Law
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Compliance with the many laws and regulations of commerce in Canada is one of the most difficult, and expensive, aspects of starting and running a business. This book is a practical, accessible, and easy-to-understand guide to setting up, running, and closing down a business in Canada.AcknowledgementsChapter 1: Now You're in Business Questions This Book Answers This Book Can't Answer all of Your QuestionsChapter 2: You and Your Lawyer Can You Be Your Own Lawyer? How to Get Legal Help (Without Having to get a Lawyer)? When Should You Use a Lawyer? What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want? How Do Lawyers Charge for Their Services? How Do You Find the Right Lawyer? What Do You Do Once You've Found a Lawyer? What Should You Expect of Your Lawyer? How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Lawyer? What If You're Not Happy with Your Lawyer?Chapter 3: An Introduction to the Law of Contracts Business Implications of Contract Law How Contracts Are Formed How Contracts Are Performed Breach of Contract Righting Contract Wrongs Doing Business in More than One Place ConclusionChapter 4: Choosing a Form of Business Organization Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Advantage of Incorporation Disadvantage of Incorporation Joint Venture So How Do You Decide?Chpater 5: Getting Your Business Up and Running Setting Up and Running Sole Proprietorship Setting Up and Running a Partnership Setting Up a Corporation Incorporation Documents Initial Organization of a Corporation Running a Corporation Setting Up in a New Province More WorkChapter 6: Permits, Licences, and Other Government Requirements Permits and Licences Product Standards Packaging and Labelling Good NewsChapter 7: Buying an Existing Business Buying (Into) a Business Buying (Into) a Sole Proprietorship Buying (Into) a Partnership Buying (Into) a Corporation The Mechanics of an Asset Purchase Consulting Contracts and Non-Competition AgreementsChapter 8: Franchises, Distributorships, and Licences Franchises Distributorships and LicencesChapter 9: Financing a Business Where Can You Borrow Money? The Essential Elements of a Loan Different Types of Loans Different Forms of Security What Documents Will You Have to Sign? What Happens if You Don't Pay Back Your Loan?Chapter 10: Your Place of Business Should You Work Out of Your Home? Should You Rent (or Buy) Business Premises? Commercial Leases Buying Commercial Real Estate Business EquipmentChapter 11: Insuring Your Business What Kinds of Insurance Are Available? Property Insurance Business Interruption Insurance General Liability Insurance Crime or Theft Insurance Key Person Insurance Home Businesses Roll the Dice!Chapter 12: Protecting Your Ideas How Do You Protect Ideas? Patents Copyright Trademarks Industrial Design Integrated Circuit Topographics And in ConclusionChapter 13: Contracts for Goods and Services What Should Contracts for Services Deal With? What Should Contracts for Goods Deal With? Getting Paid Avoiding Problems What Happens if There's a Problem? And Another ThingChapter 14: Becoming an Employer Independent Contractors Government Requirements Human Rights Legislation The Hiring Process How Do You Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person? Hiring Family MembersChapter 15: Being an Employer The Rights and Duties of an Employer The Rights and Duties of an Employee Written Employment Contracts Collective Agreements Keeping Records About Your EmployeesChapter 16: Termination of Employment What's Involved in Firing an Employee? What if an Employee Quits? When the Employee is GoneChapter 17: Taxes Income Taxes How Is a Business Taxed? What if You're Audited? Sales Taxes Payroll Taxes Business Taxes Death and TaxesChapter 18: Importing and Exporting Importing Exporting Goods Exporting Services Transportation of GoodsChapter 19: Unlawful Business Practices Crime and Punishment Business Activities That May Turn Out to Be UnlawfulChapter 20: Torts Getting Goods and Services from Others Producing Goods Providing Goods and Services Dealing with Customers, Empl
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