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Extended Duty: AeroRomance Series, #1

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In this short romance story from Flight Attendant and author Telma's Theatre In The Sky, Grant Edwards, pilot and adventurer, has no idea what he’s getting into when he agrees to entertain a woman at the request of Charles Stross, the CEO of Vision Air, and also Grant’s friend and boss. Charles, in turn, has no idea he has set in motion a chain of events that could cost him one of the finest pilots he had ever hired.


Dear Reader

I’m Telma Cortez, Head Flight Attendant for VisionAire. It’s an unusual place to work, it can leave you beaten and exhausted! Working up there at high altitude takes it out of you, but it has its rewards. Those are the moments I want to share with you.

I’ve seen it all; overnight love affairs with room keys exchanged and silent smiles at the breakfast buffet. Long-term colleagues becoming long-term lovers; short-term lovers becoming long-term colleagues and with all the angst that can bring.

This can be a high-speed job and we work hard, but we also play hard. Romance is never too far away and is often stratospheric for the crew of VisionAire. It’s not just because our airline is unique, but because aviation is a close knit world where the kinship you feel with your fellow aviators can be life changing. Entrusted with a fifty million dollar plane, you and the rest of the crew take it far across the globe, and if you are lucky, you deplane somewhere nice, knowing you have a job well done behind you and you are  proud of it. And the best part? You did it together.

It’s this bonding that often leads to the intimate moments we enjoy. So come with me and the rest of your crew on our AeroRomance adventures.
Please enjoy your Extended Duty.

TC xxx

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