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Rumours (AeroRomance Series, #2)

31 pages27 minutes


You Will Instantly Fall For The New Mile High Love And Romance From The High Flying AeroRomance Series.

Telma Cortez Unzips The Passionate Lives Of Her Airline Colleagues. If You Haven't Yet Flown With Telma And VisionAire Airlines, Hop On Board Now. Telma's Theatre In The Sky Will Take You Stratospheric.

The Series Has Its Own Theme Music          From Award Winning 'Lovers Rock Band', iFoundation. See Telma Cortez' Series Video On Her YouTube channel.

In this short and very hot romance story, Rumours, we meet Chris Anderson, a great pilot who is also a champion surfer and a buffed to boot.  His relationship with Flight Attendant Tamara Wilkinson is progressing at an amazing pace and all is right with his world until hidden obligations crop up that require an unannounced absence. Rumours are part of human nature and can take on a life of their own. VisionAire is not immune to that human flaw which threatens dire consequences for the fledgling couple.

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