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Before the Beginning and Beyond

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Have you ever pondered the meaning of life or how everything came to be including consciousness, or if you prefer, God? Can you describe what it looked like before anything, including God, existed? I don't know why or how I saw the birth of consciousness, but I did. My book is part memoir, part position, and part science. I am not religious and this is not a religious book. That being said, I do believe in God and I now have a better understanding of what God truly is and what you and I really are. Not only do I share this information,i also share the knowledge of just how powerful you and I, individually and collectively, are within this physical realm. Using all this information and combining it with science,i also explain the possibility of receiving help from a different realm. My book is separated into three parts. Part one is where I share with you a few personal experiences that taught me very early in life that things are not as i was being taught. Part two is a blend of both science and what I was shown as the beginning. This blend is then used to give you a better understanding of the physical world in which you and I live, as well as all other realms from which help can originate. Part three deals with how to empower yourself to change that what you wish to change. Here again I use a few stories, some personal some not, along with a bit of philosophy to teach you about perception. This part also has a warning. I included this warning so you will understand why this book was written in the first place....... To give you hope.

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