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Fatal Mistake

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Sheriff Jake Anderson has been an officer of the law all his adult life. His most exciting days were in Detroit as a vice-Detective. Temptation and fear served as an adrenalin rush each night which meant to often his activities couldn't be shared with others. So much so, that he knew it would be wise to leave the job he loved and start over before a disaster struck. His wife would be safe in a small town. But the Sheriff's role in Gibbon Glade, Pennsylvania proves to be boring bust. Several slow, mundane years leave Jake with only one goal and that is to spend time at home with Carol. When he's called out early one morning to the Nichols' home, though, he doesn't anticipate this will be a life changing event. The mysterious death of Sam Nichols shakes the old town's proverbial bones, the citizens want immediate results and now Jake has a real challenge ahead of him. Solve a grizzly murder. He's got an inexperienced staff to investigate the crime scene and an eager country doctor who loves forensic medicine to assist him. He'll get the job done and finally proof his worth. However, the next day, another murder is committed and Jake's resolve is tested. Two prominent people, two days apart and the second one brings Jake to his knees. Is this the price for misdeeds of the past?

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