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A Box Full Of Dusty Miller: Dusty Miller, #10

1,767 pages24 hours


A five book box set of the Dusty Miller series. These are the first five books in the Dusty Miller series.

Starting from Dusty's early years where she has to become tough just to survive. From fighting off the school bully to living rough on the streets of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand. Circumstances bring her face to face with the ghosts of the Silver Linings rest home for the elderly. Dusty's life becomes progressively strange as she works with the police and her ghostly friends to solve some of the nastiest crimes and defeat evil.

Dusty finds herself becoming a visitor to the living dimension called The Plane, a place reserved for a select number of ghosts. There is a reason for everything we do and it is Dusty's destiny to battle the demons around us, including The Dark Lord himself.

This is NOT for children but a fantasy suitable for mature minded young adults and adults. I wish to offer readers the best possible experience and value so this is priced at a knock out 2.99 $ US. To decide if this book is for you, perhaps you should read Dusty Miller 1 (always FREE!) first before moving on either to the individual books or plunging right into this box set.

Dusty 1 is a stand alone book as are all the others.

If you like science fiction, A Box Full Of Craggy represents fantastic value at only $3.49 US and again #1 Last Flight For Craggy should always be FREE! Enjoy.  

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