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Bathing In The Fae's Breath: Boladh na Sióga within the forests

Length: 201 pages1 hour


'Bathing In The Fae's Breath' is a book of stories, poems and coaching that responds to how we long for and desire to 'escape' into Nature. There are references to forest bathing, mindfulness, tree mythology, ogham and other Celtic mythologies

Not so long ago, Nature was where our ancestors resided and survived from. Today we seem to have been culturally and emotionally detached from 'Our Forests' and wild nature.

Our lives are no longer dedicated to living the instincts, inspiration, and even Divinity served by the realm of Nature. Instead, we regard ourselves as separated from Nature, yet long to escape there, relax, and relieve anxiety for awhile, and then we leave again.

Do you discover that the forests, along with coasts, mountains, prairies and wetlands are still our best sanctuary for relief, for nourishment, and for any needed healing?

Though 'Bathing In The Fae's Breath', I offer to share inspiration, entertainment and hands on things we can do to restore us when we visit woodlands and forests. Through this book there are journeys and realms to dream about, stories and situations to laugh at, and, of course, a few trinkets of Celtic blarney to question and wonder about.

You may be aware of wonderful teachers that describe their work as facilitating Forest Bathing, Forest Mindfulness and Forest Therapy. I interpret what they offer as encouragement to go 'Bathing In The Fae's Breath', which is how I, the Woodland Bard they call me, interpret the Gaelic phrase, 'Boladh na Sióga (bowla na sheega)'.

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