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The Gimlet Plan

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The Arizona/Sonora border covers miles of harsh, unforgiving desert. Inadequately secured, it has become an entry point for illegal immigrants of all types.

This time, however, the men crossing the border are American-at least by birth. A team of American-born jihadists has just reentered the country, intent on bringing the War on Terror to American soil.

Allying themselves with a dissident paramilitary group known as the Patriot Liberation Movement, the jihadists seek a lost Spanish treasure to finance their deadly plans. Standing against them is a small group of determined men led by recently reactivated CIA special ops agent Zack Sinclair.

As Sinclair and his allies rush to reach the treasure before the terrorists, deadly materials of destructive force are smuggled across the border-which the jihadists plan to unleash on Independence Day.

The Gimlet Plan is a terrifying what-if scenario made all too real by the government’s continued inability to secure the US border. This is fiction...pray it never becomes fact.

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