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An Involuntary Spark (The Summerhouse Series, #1)

63 pages54 minutes


Book #1 in the Summerhouse Series. 

Amiira Barnes needs a fresh start. Too much in her life is unraveling at a steady pace and she can't seem to catch her breath or proper footing. She is beautiful, tenacious, witty and honest, and some of those qualities are tested as she deals with a recent breakup from a man who was hiding a damaging secret. 

Amiira embarks on a journey as she takes up residence at a summerhouse nearby, as a home away from home, for the weekends. She is sure it is just what she needs to get her mind off of her tumultuous mess of a life. Will that summerhouse, and the people in it, help her or provide even more complications? 

A wild mix of emotions, twists, chemistry, longing, and uncertainty, "An Involuntary Spark" is the quintessential summer read, and the first book in the Summerhouse Series. Amiira will be faced with many obstacles and choices. Stay tuned to find out whether she will trust herself, deny connections or slip deeply into self loathing. 

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