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Running Dogs: The Shame & Glory Saga, #5

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A hard, unflinching novel of men – black and white  locked in a struggle against themselves, each other, and the unforgiving landscape of the American West. 

There is only so much a man can take, and the men of the Second Colored Cavalry had taken enough. So in spit-shine dress uniforms, on the regiment’s finest horses, a group of them rode into the town of Roxbury Run, tied their mounts to the hitching rail, and walked into the Dead Ringer Saloon. . . . 

Where they were not wanted. 

Cable Boone: A black cavalry trooper with a hard-won Medal of Honor, now an outlaw, alone and running for his life, fighting to survive. 

John Hadley Small: A white man who had lived the brutal life necessary to the hunting down and killing of a man. His clan wanted bloody vengeance for the death of one of their own and John Hadley Small intended to get it for them. 

Deacon Rufe Cook: A black godfearing Christian and professional gunman. A killer torn by the desires that raged within him, which he found he could no longer deny. 

Time was running out for them as they each closed in on his destiny, and each other. 

In this fifth and final volume of his epic, sweeping Shame and Glory Saga, Jerrold Mundis, brings to a close the powerful and poignant story of a people stolen into bondage, worked under the lash, fighting for their liberty in Union blue, again afterward in the deep South, and finally stepping into a genuine freedom in the American West. 

And with their story is another, too, of the white men and women who enslaved them or worked to free them, who hated them or loved them, who fought against them or alongside them - and whose own fate was inextricably bound to theirs. 


Praise for the Shame & Glory novels: 

"Superior . . . but not for the squeamish. The action is quick, gory and rings with verisimilitude." 
- Publishers Weekly 

"The dramatic actions snap along with sea battles, slave rebellions, and moral conflicts, all played out by thoroughly believable characters and building to a shattering climax." 
- Library Journal 

"A hard, violent antidote to the Southern Romance . . . an historical anger seldom presented before." 
- Book World 


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