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Lover's Origin: Black Island

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Receiving a mysterious package with directions to journey to an island half way around the world should have raised suspicion as well as caution for Persephone James. While caution and a fair amount of suspicion were definitely heightened, what stirred most was her curiosity. Having lived sixteen years as the only child to two loving parents, Persephone felt her world turned inside out at the discovery that she had a sister somewhere in the world- one her parents never mentioned. With no thought of consequence or danger only discovery, Persephone followed the instructions inside the package and found herself in a place that should’ve only existed in an adventure story...or horror novel.
Black Island; for all its beauty and luxury was a far cry from the wonderland its residents arrived hoping to find. Populated almost exclusively by young adults the place was as strange and fascinating as it was dangerous and depraved.
Not all was bleak and unsettling however. Persephone made friends she would never forget and met a sister she all too soon wished she’d never met. What’s more, she met the one who would stir emotions that her wildest imaginings couldn’t conjure. There was no description for Hilliam Tesano-at least not one that would do him justice. Persephone was riveted not only by his looks but by the demeanor that could intimidate as easily as it could intrigue.
Darkly gorgeous with an army at his command, Hill Tesano knew all too well that Black Island was not a place for the faint of heart. It was a place where friends disappeared in the dead of night-a place where ulterior motives were commonplace. Nothing was as it appeared. It was a place that could all too easily swallow an uncommon beauty like Persephone James. She had no place there, but he wanted to keep her just the same.

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