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The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen: Edgewhen, #1

Length: 388 pages5 hours


Danwel's girlfriend wants him to show some ambition, get rich, marry her, and slay the dragon that threatens to devour their village. Danwel really likes plowing.

But that dragon could be troublesome, so Danwel is off to seek the world's only dragonslayer. Can he learn any dragonslaying tricks in time to save his village? Or will he be distracted by an adventurous stranger?

Dragonslayer is a heroic farm-boy adventure story set in the fantastic world of Edgewhen. You will meet beastshapers, millers, boatmen, and striped-skinned, horseback-riding, spear-wielding, folk-singing nomads.

And there might even be a dragon.


Each Edgewhen adventure is a stand-alone novel. This is the first book in the series.

Cover illustration by Kristina Gehrmann.

Includes 2 maps by Vladimír Satran.

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