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Power of Words –Wordz is all about mastering communication by using the power of words, powerful words, powerful words list, business power words, sales power words and more. People use language and the power of the spoken word to communicate but often say something that is either perceived wrong or is couched in a completely different meaning than what was said. The meanings of words are not in the words they are in us! The whole premise behind the book "Wordz" is understanding how we place meanings into words other than the true dictionary meanings of the words. For example, the word liberty and freedom have two separate and distinct dictionary definitions but people blur these meanings and this "blurring" defines how we react and behave in everyday conversation and communication. Wanting to be treated "equal" is different than wanting to be treated the "same' as others and unless you understand and read Wordz, your communication might not convey exatcly what you are trying to say.

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