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Are there Few to be Saved

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Finally, a book that meets the challenge of answering one of the most sought after answers within the Christian community; "Are there Few to be Saved?" This is a no holds barred look at what God says, as opposed to what mankind says concerning this issue. God has been open with mankind. It is mankind who cannot seem to understand that God is in control; this due to mankind's pride.
If you are up to the challenge of seeing God as He portrays Himself in the pages of Scripture, and are willing to accept what He says about Himself, this book is for you. If you are content with your own understanding of who God is and what He is doing, then this book is not for you. Put simply, this book will open the eyes of the blind to paint a portrait of God that few have ever really seen while delving into the pages of Scripture.
Is the God of your mind the God of the Bible? Or have you substituted a watered down version in order to make Him more palatable for your own taste? This is the real question you must ask yourself before embarking on the journey within this book. Are you ready to see the God of the Bible as He is? Then take a chance on being shocked with what He has to say concerning Himself.

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