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This comic third novel in our Berry Fleming series centers on Lucinda, a local girl-makes-good, who returns on her psychoanalyst’s suggestion to Fredricksville, Georgia, in order to “find herself.” A successful author and playwright in New York City, she poses a distinct problem for the residents of The Homestead—a large, communal home left to any member of the Telfair family who wishes to stay—since all of the characters in her novels and plays are based upon her relatives’ antics. And the members of the Telfair clan, for their part, prefer to keep their private comings and goings out of the public eye. Hustlers, hoteliers, swindlers and drunkards, bankers and bank robbers, madams and prostitutes, northern aristocrats and southern gentry, and plain old-fashioned working people are all in Lucinderella, enlivened by the deliciously satirical eye of one of the South’s most extraordinary novelists.

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