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Democracy and Human Rights in Africa: The Politics of Collective Participation and Governance in Cameroon

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Since the mid-1980s, there has been much federalism talk in Cameroon where federation (said to have been created in Foumban in 1961) had supposedly been overwhelmingly rejected in 1972 by Cameroonians. Confusioncracy is the one good term that could conveniently explain it. Written with the trilogy of criticism, provocation, and construction in mind, this book aims at reconstructing a new and vigorous society in Cameroon that ensures respect for fundamental human rights and certain basic shared values. Much as the book centres on the Anglophone Problem; it is principally about human rights and their excessive violations the direct result of the absence of separation of powers and constitutionalism. It largely condemns Cameroon s government for incessantly singing democracy and rule of law at the same time as it is massivel

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