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Napoleon and the Fair Sex

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Frédéric Masson stands as one of the foremost historians that France has ever produced. His specialist subject was the era of Napoleon, and few men have written such brilliant and penetrating studies of the Emperor. In this volume, translated from his book ‘Napoléon et les femmes’, Masson charts the Emperor’s amorous adventures throughout his life.
It is a wonder that Napoleon had any time to engage in the domination of Europe, given his propensity to ladies; he was twice married, cuckolded numerous times, frequent lover of opera singers and actresses, step-father to two children, father to his heir, the Duke of Reichstadt, and the father of at least two illegitimate children. This work masterfully brings Napoleon’s often tumultuous relationships with the women in his life with full colour and detail.
Author — Masson, Frédéric, 1847-1923.
Translator — Anon.
Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in London : W. Heinemann, 1896
Original Page Count – 320 pages.
Illustrations — 10 portraits.

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