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From the Somme to the Rhine

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The author joined the war effort only late in the war in 1918., He was witness to the last disintegrations of the German war machine as the Allied forces finally pushed into Germany itself. As an officer of the 173rd brigade, 58th Division, he was at the forefront of the advance at many points, seeing the horrors of the war for the first time. Unlike many wartime memoirs of the First World War, Ashmead-Barlett recounts his experiences in Germany, offering some idea of what the war must have been like for the civilian population.
His writing is fresh and immediate: not desensitised by years of fighting, he is very frank about the brutalities and horrors of the last months of the War.
Author — Ashmead-Bartlett (later Burdett-Coutts), Seabury H., 1887-
Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in London: John Lane; 1921.
Original Page Count – 205 pages.

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