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Facing The Hindenburg Line; Personal Observations At The Fronts: and in the camps of the British, French, Americans, and Italians, during the campaigns of 1917

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Burris A. Jenkins served in the double capacity of a war correspondent and a lecturer in the Y.M.C.A, he was sent to the European War in 1916/17. He travelled through many of the camps and rear-zones of the First World War, noting down anecdotes and sketches of the soldiers that he met; from the dashing French Chasseurs, to the stolid but humorous Tommies. He wrote of his experiences among the soldiers and the sights of the warzones on his return to the United States, part of the campaign to publicize the Allies sacrifices and gain support for the American entry into the War.

Author — Jenkins, Burris A., 1869-1945.

Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in New York, F.H. Revell Co., 1917

Original Page Count – 256 pages

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