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Guymeyer — The Ace Of Aces. [Illustrated Edition]

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The title of “Ace” in the air war above France in the First World War was the coveted dream of all the daring flyers of the French, German British, and other armies. It was not an easily won honour, in order to be so recognized the airman would have to down five of the enemy aircraft, these experts of the air war would become the most lethal exponents of the airwar. However should the pilot achieve this rare feat he could become a national hero, feted by his comrades, respected and feared by his opponents.

Even among these elite sky warriors there are a handful of men that stand out, German’s Red Baron, von Richtofen, Canada’s Billy Bishop, Britain’s Albert Ball; but to all France Georges Guynemer was their idol and lionized as a national hero. With his 53 victories he stands in the first rank of the fighter aces of the First World War.

One of France’s foremost aeronautical authors Jacques Mortane undertook to write the biography of this legend, recording his famous victories and exploits with the Stork squadron and seeking to shed light on the shy national hero.

Author — Mortane, Jacques, 1883-1939.

Translator — Levy, Clifton Harby, 1867-

Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in New York, Moffat, Yard & Company, 1918.

Original Page Count – xxxii and 267 pages.

Illustrations — 12 illustrations.

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