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In The Clouds Above Baghdad, Being The Records Of An Air Commander [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 176 pages4 hours


“War in the air over the Middle East

Mesopotamia, ‘the land of the two rivers’, is deemed the birthplace of civilisation. Now modern day Iraq, it has known warfare throughout the millennia that man has inhabited it. By the first years of the twentieth century the Ottoman Turkish Empire had claimed Mesopotamia as their own and its alliance with Germany during the Great War brought battle to it once more. For the first time conflict came to its skies in the form of the newly formed air forces of the opposing armies. This book concerns the experiences of an officer of the R. F. C fighting a war far different from his comrades on the Western Front but one which was just as deadly. This is an usual account of early war in the air from one of the great conflicts sideshow theatres.”—Leonaur Print Edition

Author — Group Captain John Edward Tennant D.S.O. M.C. d. 1941

Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in London, C. Palmer, 1920.

Original Page Count – x and 289 pages.

Illustrations — 38 illustrations.

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