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The Dardanelles Campaign [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 302 pages6 hours


Henry Wood Nevinson, surely thought that he had seen everything that war could throw up; as a seasoned war correspondent, he had followed the British forces in many campaigns including the second Boer War where he was stranded in Ladysmith during the siege. However his experiences during the First World War would shock him, he travelled to France and witnessed the initial clashes of the War. He then accompanied the troops to Gallipoli, being wounded in the process of his reporting. His experiences in the Peninsula would form the basis of this book.

His account of the Dardanelles campaign covers all of the action from the initial planning stages on the Admiralty’s drawing boards, through the naval attacks to the landings and the struggle amongst the deadly rocks and beaches of Gallipoli. Nevinson was careful to check and re-check his information, using numerous illustrations and staff maps for accuracy. It is clearly one of the best eye-witness written campaign studies of the terrible struggles of 1915 on the shores of Turkey.

Highly recommended.

Author — Nevinson, Henry Wood, 1856-1941.

Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in New York, H. Holt & co., 1919.

Original Page Count – xx and 427 pages.

Illustrations — 16 maps and Illustrations

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