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Five Months At Anzac - [Illustrated Edition]: A Narrative Of Personal Experiences Of The Officer Commanding The 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Imperial Force

Length: 209 pages1 hour


Illustrated With the Gallipoli Campaign Pack – 71 photos and 33 maps
The Gallipoli Peninsular in 1915 was an awful place to be an Allied soldier, for the Australians who had travelled thousands of miles to answer the call of their mother country it must have seemed like hell. Overlooked by intrenched Turkish and German soldiers, the narrow strip of land that they lived on was hard won with blood, the air whistled with shot and shell day in and day out. For Dr Joseph Beeston, a native of Newcastle New South Wales, his duty was the wounded of the Anzac forces which he tended with great care and skill. As he records in his memoirs of Gallipoli the fighting was tough and the conditions even worse, but despite all this he and his comrades kept their wry sense of humour. He was always cheered by his fellow Anzac soldiers and dedicated his book of anecdotes to them; stating that “One never ceased admiring our men, and their cheeriness under these circumstances and their droll remarks caused us many a laugh.”
A lively and engaging memoir from an Anzac veteran.

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