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The Navy In Battle [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 261 pages6 hours


Contains 10 maps, diagrams and illustrations.
Arthur Pollen, was a famous British naval historian and inventor of naval warfare equipment, particularly noted for his computer based fire-control system; as with many scientists on the outside of the Admiralty he met with resistance. The British naval establishment were none too fond of Pollen’s biting magazine articles on their conduct of the war; Pollen wrote extensively on Naval matters during the period of the First World War and also penned this volume entitled “The Navy in Battle”. In keeping with his disestablishment line, he was very critical of the handling of the Navy and covers herein the submarine menace, the battle of the Falkland Islands, the engagement at Helgoland Bight and the Battle of Jutland. Although he saluted the heroism of the Royal Navy on the seas in general he pulled no punches on what he saw as fundamental issues of handling of the war effort, indeed he aimed particular criticism at Admiral Jellicoe and his actions at the battle of Jutland.
Refreshingly an unjingoistic work free form many of the prejudices of British naval works on the First World War.

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