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Light And Shade In War [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 212 pages3 hours


Two Kiwis recount their experiences of the Front at Gallipoli and France during the First World War. Included are a number of their own photographs.
“THE authors of this book, father and son, have seen much of the Light and Shade of War during the past two years, the one as a War Correspondent in Egypt, Turkey and France, the other as a soldier, and, afterwards, as one of the staff of The Times.
“The day for writing the histories of our different campaigns is not yet. For the purposes of history delay is necessary, even though the gain in perspective may mean loss in colour. But there is a legitimate desire for the intimate and immediate impressions of the time, written down amid the ever-shifting scenes of the War itself. Such impressions will have some value now, and perhaps also in after years.
Most of these sketches were written whilst the scenes and incidents they depict were fresh in the mind; some under fire. The proofs were corrected on the battlefield of the Somme in a tent over which British and German shells were passing at the time. While due allowance will be made for shortcomings owing to the circumstances under which the book was produced, the authors hope that no apology will be needed for presenting such pictures of the Light and Shade of War to the English-speaking World.”

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