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The Vanguard Of American Volunteers In The Fighting Lines And In Humanitarian Service: August,1914-April, 1917 [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 173 pages3 hours


Illustrated with 6 portraits
Even before the official entry of the United States of America into the First World War in April 1917, many of its citizens had already crossed over “The Pond” and already had lent their efforts to the Allied cause. The author Edwin Morse set himself a terribly difficult task to record even a handful of these gallant soldiers, doctors, surgeons and aviators; he selected as a sampling of 34 different stories which he set out to tell in brief. Those he selected contributed to the Allied cause in different and diverse ways - some joined the Foreign Legion, some the British Army, others supported the medical services or drove ambulances; still further more joined the French Army aviators and formed the famous Lafayette Escadrille.

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