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Memoirs Of The Emperor Napoleon – From Ajaccio To Waterloo, As Soldier, Emperor And Husband – Vol. II

Length: 499 pages10 hours


Laure Junot, Duchesse d’Abrantes stands as one of the most influential figures in shaping the Napoleonic era: she was no statesman, military or civil leader, but she was a hugely well connected member of the court of Napoleon, and an inveterate gossip. An old family friend of the Bonaparte’s from Corsica, she was married to one of Napoleon’s oldest friends Andoche Junot, thus moving in the highest circles in Paris, known by and knowing everyone of note. Originally written at huge length (some editions run to more than 12 volumes), this English edition provides the highlights of her witty, irreverent, yet highly informative memoirs of the reign of Napoleon.

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