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The Tiger Triumphs - The Story Of Three Great Divisions In Italy [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 256 pages8 hours


Includes more than 40 illustrations, portraits and photos.
The Epic Story of the achievements of the Fourth, Eighth and Tenth Indian Divisions during the Second World War culminates in the battles that they fought and won during brutal hill fighting up the spine of Italy.
“I have had the distinction of having under my command a trio of great Indian divisions - the fourth, eighth and tenth - whose fighting record in Italy is a splendid one.
“The achievements in combat of these Indian soldiers are noteworthy. They have carried on successfully in grim and bloody fighting against a tenacious enemy helped by terrain particularly favourable for defence. No obstacle has succeeded in delaying these Indian troops for long or in lowering their high morale or fighting spirit.
“They are well led, these Three Divisions. Each of the Divisional Commanders at one time commanded a battalion of an Indian Infantry Regiment in combat. These Divisional Commanders came up the hard way.
“Your ‘Jawan’ and ‘Tommy Atkins’ and ‘Jock’ and other soldiers of this international 15th Army Group have established firm bonds of friendship and respect born in action against a tough enemy. The bravery of Indian troops is attested by the Battle Honours and Decorations awarded.
“The Fourth, Eighth and Tenth Indian Divisions will forever be associated with the fighting for Cassino, the capture of Rome, the Arno Valley, the liberation of Florence and the breaking of the Gothic Line.
“I salute the brave soldiers of these Three Great Indian Divisions.”- General Mark Clark

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