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Armored Warfare In The Jungle Environment

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This study examines armored warfare in a jungle environment. The focus is to determine if there is a role for ground mounted armored forces in jungle warfare. This study explains how armor was used in past jungle conflicts and examines current doctrine and applicability of employment of armor in the jungle.
The first portion of the research focuses on discerning how armor was used in past jungle conflicts. The Pacific campaign of World War II and the Vietnam War are examined to determine the historical role of armor in a jungle environment. Early employment of armor in these two conflicts is examined to determine the criteria for use of armored forces in the jungle and examines the tactics, techniques, and procedures that were developed during these conflicts.
The second portion of this study focuses on the feasibility of current employment of armor in a jungle environment. Current Army and Marine armored doctrine is examined and interviews are conducted to determine if current armored systems could and should be employed in jungle warfare. Additionally, officers from foreign countries are interviewed to determine how armored forces are employed in the jungle areas of their countries.

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